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About After School Activities Foundation

After School Activities Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic organization dedicated to the development of talented children in art, music or sports. With constantly raising prices, taxes and unemployment the families today are facing financial hardships in many levels. This directly reflects in our kids by not having ability to provide for after school activities, preventing them to achieve their dreams in sports or art or music. After School Activities Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for practice, equipment and lessons to serve underprivileged youth who may never have experienced the magic of music, art or compete in sport.
  • Art is not only important to express children’s own creativity, it also helps them discover the greater meaning of art. After studying an artist's ideas and techniques, then trying to apply it to their own piece of artwork.
  • More than 50 million children are involved in some form of youth sport, but nearly 73% will drop out by the time they are thirteen years old. Even when they only participate they almost always get a medal or a trophy.
  • We've then seen students get very excited about their trips to the botanic garden, after having studied about the plants and nature in the class room. You can feel this connection to the nature opens up a whole new world to the children and ensures a future for studying science.
  • Children who dance have increased self-esteem, coordination, balance and poise. Dancing cannot only be fun, but educational. In addition to self-esteem, dance can reinforce a sense of pride. There is also a great deal of discipline involved with dancing.

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